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About us

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Lishui Zhengwei machinery for many years has been research and study pneumatic explosion-proof industry; pneumatic explosion-proof motor, pneumatic explosion-proof mixer is our engineers over the years the results. Specializing in pneumatic explosion-proof technology product development, manufacturing and sales of high-tech private enterprises, is also the only one of the earliest production and precision will be the best domestic one. Lishui Zhengwei Machinery from the beginning of the creation of the world's most advanced pneumatic motors and pneumatic mixer products marketing. The main production of vane-type air motor, piston-type air motor, portable pneumatic mixer, horizontal plate pneumatic mixer, manual lift automatic lift pneumatic explosion-proof mixer and all kinds of paint, ink, vegetable oil, asphalt mixer and other products, products widely used in chemical, Painting, pharmaceutical, furniture, electronics, printing, textiles, ships and other fields.


The main development of the company's products with nearly seven or eight years of pneumatic explosion-proof motor, pneumatic explosion-proof mixer development experience in the air motor and pneumatic mixer design and manufacturing have a deeper theoretical knowledge and rich manufacturing experience, the existing products are used The world's advanced technology carefully developed from sophisticated product design, sophisticated materials, fine technology, excellent performance, with explosion-proof, moisture, dust, load and other characteristics. Companies in strict accordance with the ISO9001 international quality standards, system requirements, from product research and development design, manufacturing to sales and after-sales service the whole process, has established a rigorous quality management and assurance system, and take effective market protection measures to make possible Affect all aspects of product quality, quality of work and quality of service are under strict control to ensure that each user to provide the best quality products and the most complete services.